The Neerpark Association consists of the owners of residences located on Neerpark Drive in Lincoln, Nebraska.
There are 80 units located in 10 building situated on 8 acres of land.
Neerpark Drive is located on the west side of 56th. St. just south of Van Dorn St.
Board of Directors
Hollis Anderson - President 402-483-0940
Diane Orth - Secretary 402-610-0288
John Burkhart - Webmaster 402-483-1278
Wendy Smith 402-840-1259
Scott Hoffman 402-466-6252
Karen Nicol - Albers Co. Mgmt Treasurer 402-434-0292 Office, 402-202-1371 Cell
NOTE: Tender all billings to Karen at 9060 Andermatt Drive, Lincoln,Ne 68506
1917 Annual Association Assessment:
$1225.00 Per unit.