1. Bicycles, motorcycles, lawn furniture and other items cannot be left on the yards or in the entryways.
2. Owners/residents are expected to clean trash and debris after use of the common areas.
3. Neerpark Association dues are used to maintain trees and shrubs on Neerpark property. Residents are advised not to trim or break off any tree limbs or prune shrubbery unless specifically authorized by the Board of Directors.
4. Planting of permanent trees or shrubs of any type is not allowed on common grounds unless specifically authorized by the Board of Directors.
1. Dogs must be under direct control of the owner/handler or on a leash while on Neerpark property.
2. The owner/handler must immediately pick up their dog’s feces while on Neerpark property.
3. Pet enclosures or dog runs cannot be installed on Neerpark common grounds.
4. Dogs and other pets cannot be tied and left unattended on Neerpark property. This includes tying or leaving a pet unattended on patio areas.
5. Excessive noise and nuisance barking will not be tolerated.
6. Violations of the above should be made to the Lincoln Animal Control when observed.
1. All trim and garage doors must conform to the standard color #5402M, available from Iowa Paint.
2. Painting is contracted by the Board of Directors as needed, depending on natural fading and wear.
3. Fencing to enclose a patio requires prior approval by the Board of directors.
4. Exterior water faucets are maintained by each owner/resident. All faucets must be disconnected during the months of October thru April to avoid freezing damage.
5. DO NOT FEED THE SQUIRRELS!!! They cause considerable damage to fences and shingles.
1. Flowers, plants and shrubs may be planted along entry sidewalks between sidewalks and garage walls. End units may be planted along the edge of the garage wall a maximum of 18 inches from the wall as long as the planting does not interfere with existing sprinkler plumbing.
1. Unit owners are responsible for repair/replacement of garage doors.
2. Only approved replacement metal doors can be used, available from Raynor Doors of Nebraska. The approved style is Prisma, Ranch panels, Gray tone color with Plain Ranch windows.
1. Mailboxes, upkeep and replacement is the responsibility of the Owner. They must conform to the building color and be painted gray.
1. Excessive noise must be avoided in order not to disturb the peace and privacy of Neerpark residents. This includes home entertainment systems. Radios or other devices used inside or outside of the residence. Complaints about excessive noise should be made to the Lincoln Police department.
1. Campers or trailers may not be parked in the complex, either in the parking area of along the curb, for more than 48 hours.
2. Vehicles should be parked in garages. Each building has an extra parking area for each unit. Owners/residents with vehicles beyond the capacity of their garage must park them in the designated parking area. Cars in the parking areas must be licensed and operational.
3. Mechanical repairs must be made inside garages.
1. Permanent patio covers are allowed as long as the profile conforms to the mansard face and roof profile of the buildings. The Board of directors must approve the design before construction.
2. Enclosed patios are not permitted.
1. Building and garage roof maintenance is the owner’s responsibility. This includes mansard facades, soffits, flashing roof drains and down spouts. Owners are encouraged to work with their neighbors on roof repair if they share common roof areas.
1. If snow is predicted, DO NOT park vehicles in front of your garage! Extra vehicles MUST be parked in the parking lot!
2. Snowfall amounts of less than two inches will not be removed.
1. Political signs cannot be placed on Neerpark common grounds.
2. Exterior television and radio antennas are not allowed.
3. Satellite dishes are not to be visible from Neerpark Drive.
4. Owners/residents are responsible for water lines and sewer connections out to the mains.
1. An annual fee for Neerpark operations is set by the Board of Directors and approved during the annual owner’s association meeting in October.
2. Each owner is notified of the coming year’s assessment in December. Payment is due on January 1 and is delinquent January 31 of each year. Interest and late fees are assessed to those who fail to pay their assessments on time. If an owner accumulates a significant amount of debt to the Neerpark Association, legal action will be taken to collect the amount owed.
3. Items covered by the annual assessment include water, garbage, concrete repair, exterior painting, mowing, sprinkler system, fence maintenance, shingle replacement and mailbox supports.